Hello and welcome to our wedding website! We are excited to announce that, after a little over 2 years of happiness, we have decided to tie the knot. :)

We hope that you can join us as we celebrate and start our new life together.

Here's our story.

We met on the very first day of our very first full-time jobs after college at Union Pacific Railroad in Omaha during new-hire in January 2009. I noticed right away that David asked lots of intelligent questions and secretly thought he was cute. David thought the same about me.

In July 2009, we went on our first unofficial date -- mini-golfing, followed by Dairy Queen ice cream, followed by dinner. It was a perfect Sunday (pun intended :) ) and neither of us wanted the weekend to end! A few weeks afterwards, David came over to my place one beautiful summer evening, and he ended up staying there till 4:30am! During that time, we stared at the beautiful starry sky and rolled down the hill in my apartment's backyard. One week later, we officially became a couple!

In May 2010, David got an offer from Google, all the way in California, and decided to accept it. He (painfully) left me in Omaha, but I decided to move in August to fulfill my lifelong dream of living in California. Shortly afterwards, I started working at Mulesoft. We have since been successfully experiencing the joys of city life and no winters. :)

David went home for Thanksgiving in 2011 and realized that all of his dreams and ambitions in life involved me in one way or another. He asked his mom & dad for advice on how to propose and how to choose the perfect ring!

On December 10, 2011, David brought me to my favorite place in the Bay Area - Stanford campus, and said that it was time to take some pictures for the holidays. Around 3PM, David started to set up his camera and tripod on the Stanford front-lawn. Finally, he said "We should take a picture together. Hold on! I have a great prop -- it's funny (clearly he said this just to throw me off)!" I then start looking for a Santa hat or reindeer ears or any funny prop, but didn't find one. David finally comes over, and after about 20 seconds, he tells me that the camera is not actually taking a picture but rolling a video! I am completely confused at this point... until David gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! After saying "OMG! Are you serious?!?" about 5 times, David says "Yes, I'm serious!" and after 2 seconds of shock and silence, he says "...so is that a yes or a no?" and I said "YES! Of course!"... and we have been engaged ever since!